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Maintenance Capabilities List

Fully SID Compliant| Engine Overhauls| Phased Inspections | NDT capable 



Phase 2, 3, D- 
Phase 2 Airframe Insp-
Phase 3 Airframe Insp-
Phase D Airframe Insp. Combination of 4, 5, 6-
Phase 7 Elevator Hinge Bearing-
Phase 8 Hydraulic Lines Pressure Leak Test-
Phase 11 Fuel Indicating & Warning System-
Phase 12-
12.1- Pilot Pitot & Static System Certification
12.2- Co-Pilot Pitot & Static System Certification
12.3-Pilet Altimeter/ ADDU Certification
12.4- Co-Pilot Altimeter/ADDU Certification
12.5- Co-Pilot Transponder Certification
12.6- Co-Pilot Transponder Certification
Phase 13- 
13.1- Oxygen Cylinder Hydrostatic Test
13.2- Windshield Bleed Air System
Phase 14-
14.1-Emergency Blowdown Bottle Hydrostatic Test 
14.2- LH Engine Fire Extinguisher Hydrostatic Test
14.3- RH Engine Fire Extinguisher Hydrostatic Test
Phase 17-
17.1- LH Engine Oil Change (Type II Oil)
17.2- RH Engine Oil Change (Type II Oil)
Phase 18-
18.1- Fuselage Structure Inspection
18.2- Windshield Retention Holes Inspection
18.3- Emergency Exit Structure Inspection
18.4- Post CQB98-9 Eddy Current Cabin Door Hinges
Phase 19 Center Wing Carry through Structure Inspection
Phase 20 Fuselage Structure Inspection
Phase 23 Nose Gear Drag Brace (Includes NDT)
Phase 24 Nose Gear Drag Brace
No longer available drag race must be replaced with a dash 5 per service bulletin.
Phase 25-
25.1- Engine Truss Inspection NDT Method
25.2- Engine Truss Inspection NDT Method
25.3- LH Wing Structure (Type B)
Phase 26 Cockpit Fire Extinguisher Hydro
Phase 27 Cockpit Fire Extinguisher Inspect & Recharge Halon Only
Phase 28 Horizontal Stabilizer Forward Bulkheads
Phase 29 Aileron Hinges & Fittings Inspection
Phase 30 Rubber Structure/Torque Tube Inspection
Phase 31 Elevator Torque Tube Assy Inspection
Phase 32 Main Landing Gear Trailing Link
Phase 33 Main Gear Shock Struts Inspection
Phase 34 Nose Landing Gear Drag Brace Inspection
Phase 35 Nose Gear Attachment/Wheel Well Structure
Phase 36 Nose Gear Fork Inspection
Phase 37 Nose & Main Gear Retraction Systems Tear Down and Inspection
Phase 38 Phase 38 Nose Gear Trunnion Inspection

If you don’t see an item on this list below, please call or email for more info & pricing.
Call: 1-407-785-3000


Phase 39 Nose Gear Steering Bell Crank InspectionPhase40 Phase 40 Canted Rib Inspection/ RepairPhase 4141.1- Fuselage Structure Stringers: 41.2- Fuselage Structure Upper Bulkhead Corners41.3- Emergency Exit Door Inspection41.4- Lower Cabin Door Hinges InspectionPhase 42 Cabin Door & Door Frame InspectionPhase 43- 43.1- Fuselage LH/RH Channel Assemblies43.2- Horizontal & Vertical Attach BulkheadsPhase 44-44.1- Fuselage Bulkhead Structure44.2- Forward Pressure Bulkhead44.3- Cabin Door RetentionPhase 4545.1-Bulkhead Structure at the Wing Attach Fittings45.2- Engine Truss Inspection (Requires truss removal)Phase 46-$3800 (Includes NDT)

46.1- Front, Main, Aft Spar items
46.2- Inspection, Engine Mounts
Phase 47- 
Phase 48 Outboard Elevator Hinge Bracket:
Phase 49 Vertical Stabilizer Spar Attachments:
Phase 50 Pilot/Co-Pilot Windshield Attach Hole:
Phase 51 Rudder & Elevator Control Sys and Trim:
Phase 52 Corrosion Inspection Baseline Program (Elevator / Rudder / Aileron attachments-torque tubes):
Phase 53 Corrosion Inspection Baseline Program (Nose Wheel / Vertical Stabilizer / Engine Support):
Phase 54 Corrosion Inspection Baseline Progarm (Fuselage Nose Baggage / Lower Internal / Cabin)
Phase 55 Corrosion Inspection Baseline Program (Fuselage External Skin / Antenna Installation):
To be complied with at propeller OH, outboard deice boots must be replaced at 10yr (does not include prop OH)(does include boots)
Phase 56 Horizontal Stabilizer Honeycomb Bond:
Phase 57 Main Landing Gear Trunnion:
Air Cycle Machine Overhaul- 
Avionics Bus Switch Inspection/Replacement- 
Seat Belt and Shoulder Harness- 
Replace Seat Belts and Shoulder Harness- 
LH Fire Extinguisher Cartridge Total Life Limit- 
RH Fire Extinguisher Cartridge Total Life Limit- 
Rudder Trim Tab Actuator Overhaul/Replacement- 
Aileron Trim Tab Actuator Overhaul/Replacement- 
Locator Beacon Battery Pack ELT- 
Emergency Locator Transmitter Battery Life Limit- 
Oxygen Cylinder Replacement- 
Aileron Inboard/Outboard Hinge Brackets-
LH Engine S/N P-77053 Model TPE331-10N-511S Hot 2500 hours Overhaul 5000 hours:
RH Engine S/N P-77064 Model TPE331-10N-511S Hot 2500 hours Overhaul 5000 hours- 
LH Propeller Overhaul Hartzell- 
RH Propeller Overhaul Hartzell- 
LH Starter Generator Overhaul S/N 3600- 
RH Starter Generator Overhaul S/N 3350- 
Cockpit Fire Extinguisher Annual Inspection
Main Batteries

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