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The Cessna Conquest

RVSM Solution 

Simple single-Pilot IFR management |Be Cleared above FL290 | Reduced traffic at higher flight levels 

  • Your upgrade provides a permanent 200lb weight reduction. Carry an extra passenger, increase your fuel reserve or benefit from the lowered operational costs of flying your lightened Citation. (Lowers your carbon footprint, too!)

  • Your new glass cockpit’s solid state circuitry says goodbye to the old 6 pack and NAV gauges. You can also say goodbye to those annual bills for gauge replacement, overhaul and maintenance. According to industry standards, that produces another savings of about $7,000.00 a year.

  • The LPV approach capability gives you safe landing capabilities at a further 2,000 airports across the U.S.

  • Your new avionics seamlessly interfaces with compatible autopilot systems.

  • Your digital cockpit keeps the pilot ahead of the aircraft at all times. Voice controlled frequency switching, rubber-banding on routes for last-minute diversions, full traffic display for easy conflict resolution, automated go around procedure displays. No more scrambling for the IPad or approach plates: The right information is right in front of you; right up to date and right when you need it most. 

  • Behind the scenes it’s just as pretty as your upgraded full digital cockpit. The new Laselec labelled wiring harness is approved for government and military specifications and along with new wiring diagrams makes technical work a breeze. That makes budget sense.

  • The full digital cockpit reduces pilot workload, reduces pilot fatigue and reduces pilot error. Enhanced situational awareness adds up to a significant reduction in the potential for incidents and accidents. Why put your passengers, crew or you at a safety disadvantage when a completely digital cockpit gives you a proven Safety Advantage? 

Synthetic Vision on G600Txi.


Synthetic vision provides a true 3D look at terrain, obstacles and traffic. Get a real sense of where you are in the air and improve your situational awareness.

Includes heading, speed, altitude, VSI, active Nav source, traffic, weather, terrain, natural features, bank flight path and more on a huge 10.6” touchscreen.

G600Txi units (PFD/MFD)

Two of Garmin’s latest 10.6” touchscreen displays for both pilot and co-pilot positions. Large bright displays provide easy to follow information and alerts at a touch. No need for knee boards as these displays always have the information you need, when you need it.


  • See ADS-B traffic in 3D and 2D on the HSI.

  • IFR approach plates with positional overlay.

  • FIS-B provides NOTAMs and WX information live so you can plan which runway to use long before you arrive.

  • SafeTaxi service provides traffic and taxiway maps when taxiing at large unfamiliar airports.

  • Pilot profiles can be saved so if you switch pilot or want different profiles saved to display information differently for an international flight vs a short hop.

  • Built-in attitude and heading reference system.


*Approach plate on left of screen above and below left pictured, require Chartview add-on software.

garming600txi unit.png
garming600txi unit2.png

GTN750xi units

(Primary & Secondary NAV/COM/FMS)


Two of Garmin’s latest GTN750xi NAV/COM units. These are the latest release of the GTN series with improved graphics, speed and features.



  • VHF radio built-in.

  • NAV receiver built-in.

  • Overlay current approach plates.

  • Huge approach and departure procedure database built-in, for simple touch selection of the entire procedure.

  • Massive airport database with airport layouts for easy taxiing.

  • Obstacles and terrain overlays.

  • Includes TelligenceTM voice control, simply click the push-to-command yoke key and say commands such as “Tune destination ATIS” or “Tune destination approach”, making single pilot operations a breeze.

  • Terrain alerts can audibly warn if terrain is nearby. Requires software add-on of TAWs option.

  • Easy setup of a holding pattern over user-defined waypoint or published waypoint.

  • Can be interfaced to a compatible autopilot system. Not included in packed install price.

  • Setup Vertical Navigation (VNAV) profiles in flight plans with planned altitudes at user or published waypoints. Set custom climb and descent angles for smooth transitions. 

  • Miss an approach, no problem. The GTN will automatically detect a go-around and instantly display missed approach procedures.

  • Auto-entry assist dials up frequencies into the standby of both the NAV and COM based on your flight plan. 

garming750xi unit2.png

GMA35c remote audio panel

A remote audio panel that hides in your avionics rack and is controlled by the GTN750xi.



  • 3 stereo headset amplifiers: pilot, copilot and passengers.

  • Independent pilot, copilot and passenger intercom volume controls.

  • Individual VOX processing for each MIC input.

  • Automatic selection of radio audio source when corresponding MIC is selected.

  • Automatic volume adjustments based on ambient sound levels.

  • Flexible split COMM transceiver function. Copilot may transmit and receive on one COMM while pilot transmits and receives on another.

  • Connect your phone or any audio source via Bluetooth to listen to music or have telephone conversations through the audio panel.


GFC 600 Autopilot System 

Simple to use but powerful inter-connectivity allows the GFC600 to perform much more than the average autopilot.


  • Integration from GTN750 (page 5) provides up-to-date database non-precision, GPS-guided approaches, holds, procedure turns, missed approaches. As well as “direct-to” autopilot control.

  • Brushless digital “smart” servo motors for smooth & accurate control inputs.

  • Complex IFR departures or approaches can be pulled straight from the GTN750 for a specific runway and the autopilot will follow both heading and altitude for the IFR plates.

  • Running an IFR aircraft can be a busy task. If you need 5 minutes of straight and level, the GFC600 will hold altitude, keep your wings level and maintain heading while you drink your coffee before it gets cold. All with the touch of a couple of buttons. Autopilots don’t have to be complicated if you don’t want them to be.

  • Garmin ESPTM Built-in. Electronic Stability & Protection watches for unsafe or unusual attitudes & airspeeds. Stalls, overspeeds and slips can all be prevented by ESP to automatically and gently nudge the aircraft back to safe flight.

  • With a digital autopilot coupled to digital servos, chasing your turn is a thing of the past. Remember turning off the autopilot because it keeps under/overturning or you keep chasing it with the throttle and pitch. No more. The GFC keeps speeds and attitudes in mind with your power settings so don’t worry about stalling or over-speeding with ESP.

  • Thumbwheel on panel for quick, manual & small adjustments.


Approved  Q1/Q2 2021

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